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Chronic Disease Treatment, Alternative Medicine Treatment, Alternative Medicine
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Treatment Approach
Mine is tele medicines and I am telephysician- after my first interview which I record on special german software I prepare medicines and courier at patient’s home. So patient need not come for consultation to me.
How I do this?
For patients of online management, previous examinations notes – investigations reports and other case papers notes by any previous Medical Practioners are important and considered by me. So if possible scan and email all previous records.
Once I receive information, I will soon analyze, and then I will email to the patient, to call me on my landline phone number (091 79 26672700), at specific time. At which time I will open software. So that I can note down each and every symptoms, as asked on phone, directly on the software, to get required line of approach. This will have absolutely personalized approach and the management will be specific for that particular patients only.
Once the diagnosis and line of treatment is established, I will communicate about the charges for management.
Here my intention is to take as less charges as possible from patients. For patients of easy diagnosis, I want to take fewer charges and from patients with complicated approach, I will take only regular charges.
I believe that I have got special study and knowledge about the subject and let more people take advantage of it. I will be get pride, if by my treatment patients gets cure.
Homeopathic and ayurvedic medicine is supplied from here. Modern allopathic medicine is prescribed (or if asked by patients can be supplied on request. But with extra charges- only market cost.)
Once this charge is deposited in my bank accounts, I will mail the medicines and all required information on the address given.
  • All cases taken up for treatment &/or consultation are studied in detail using a special software.
  • The best quality of medicines is used for dispensing.
  • Name of medicine in alternative medicine – homeopathy or ayurveda or any other system is not given so please do not insist on it.
  • The medicines will be delivered to the patient by courier.
  • It is not possible to offer a 100% guarantee of cure. In case of being unable to achieve a cure, the patient or his/her relatives will have no right to ask for any financial &/or other claims/damages.
  • Homeopathic and any medicine of alternative therapy is free from side-effects. Hence any untoward development taking place during the period of treatment is not to be blamed on medicine or management offered & the patient will have no right to ask for any damages with respect to the same.
Special Note :
I hope my readers can appreciate the need for inclusion of the above disclaimers due to nature of online consultation. Though it does sound a little harsh in context of the noble profession of a doctor... Trust and doctors-patients relationship is of utmost importance. Ultimately whatever doctors is doing, is for benefit of patients only. And please be sure that I will try and use my all the knowledge to do all the best, to get as good results as possible for the patients. But certainly doctor is also a human being and not GOD.
Final working method:
Final working method:
  I am tele physician so my method of working is very very simple
1 Send the previous reports and all relevant papers by email (another alternate email address is: )
2 After studying the previous papers, I may ask for more information on email and in the same email - I will let you know the exact time for you to call on my landline number (091 79 26672700)
4 At which time, I will open my software and take detail history and record on computer.
5 I will analyze and study. Then I will come to final diagnosis and by email I will inform you, how to proceed and also to deposit the charges in my bank account.
6 After confirmation from bank about deposit of required amount, I will send the medicine by post with details of instructions, how to use the medicine and other relevant information for cure.
7 Even after that, if any quarries are there, you can email me or talk to me on phone.
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